One-on-One Sensitivity Training: Sexual Harassment

Remedial Training for Workplace Restoration

Sensitivity Training Sexual Harassment

Half-Day Agenda

Our professional trainer provides one-to-one sensitivity training for employees who’s conduct may breach your company policy and the law. How would a reasonable person view the conduct in question? What is the impact of the conduct on the complainant? Training includes a definition of the workplace (where is it?) and the types of sexual harassment. Explore the behaviours that do and do not constitute sexual harassment. Video, case studies and quizzes form part of the training. Our trainer will review current legislation and the liability of the employee and employer as well as possible consequences if inappropriate conduct continues. It is important that all employees understand sexual harassment and the significant impact it can have on the workplace and other employees.

While many workplaces continue to have employees work-from-home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and given the physical distancing requirements in place to help stop the spread of the virus, HR Proactive’s virtual, interactive One-on-One Sensitivity Training sessions offer an effective and practical solution for remedial training in Canadian workplaces.  In-person sessions can be arranged while adhering to physical distancing recommendations by Public Health.

Sample Half Day Agenda

  • Introduction
    1. Why it is important to learn about Harassment in the Workplace
    2. Understanding Harassment in the Workplace
  • The Workplace
    1. Definition of the Workplace
    2. Examples of the Workplace
  • Definition of Sexual Harassment
    1. What is not Sexual Harassment
    2. Welcome vs. Unwelcome Behaviour
    3. Clear vs. Unclear Behaviour
  • Types of Sexual Harassment
    1. Quid Pro Quo
    2. Poisoned/Hostile Work Environment
    3. Behaviour based on Sexual Stereotypes
    4. Examples of Harassment
  • Where do you Draw the Line?
    1. Impact not Intent
    2. Reasonable Person Test
    3. Subjective Standard Test
  • Responsibility and Liability
    1. Employee
    2. Employer
    3. Consequences if behaviour continues
  • Moving Forward
    1. Strategies to Manage Personal Behaviour
  • Training Session Wrap-up
    1. Final Thoughts
    2. Questions

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