One-on-One Promoting Positive Personal Conduct Sensitivity Training for Canadian Workplaces

Promoting Positive Personal Conduct Sensitivity Training

One-on-One Sensitivity Training Promoting Positive Personal Conduct

Half-Day Agenda

Our Promoting Positive Personal Conduct Training Session will help new managers and supervisors prepare to lead a team for the first time. How will your conduct at work contribute to the overall behaviour of the team you manage? Our professional trainer will help you define positive personal conduct, recognize how you model personal conduct as a leader, determine ways to promote a professional team environment, and identify your areas for development in leading a work team. Training also includes learning how to manage personal change and develop a personal action plan. It is every manager’s and supervisor’s responsibility to model positive, personal conduct that reflects your organization’s ethical standards and expectations.

HR Proactive offers our One-on-One Sensitivity Training sessions in a live, virtual, interactive format. This is an effective and practical solution for remedial training in Canadian Workplaces with many employees continuing to work-from-home during the COVID-19 pandemic. In-person sessions can be arranged (depending on your location) and will adhere to the physical distancing requirements in place to help stop the spread of the virus.  

Sample Half Day Agenda

  • Define Positive Personal Conduct
    1. Laws and Legislation
    2. Behaviours
    3. Values
    4. Processes
  • Recognize how you Model Positive Personal Conduct as a Manager
    1. Respect
    2. Diversity in the Workplace
    3. Personal Space
    4. Setting Boundaries
    5. Conflict Management
  • Determine Ways to Promote a Professional Team Environment
    1. Set Direction
    2. Expectations around Behaviours and Values
    3. Connecting Expectations to Daily Work
  • Identify your Areas for Development in Leading a Work Team
    1. Identify Issues
    2. What do I need to Accomplish?
    3. Define Goals
    4. Required Actions
    5. Assessment & Feedback
    6. Short-term vs. Long-Term
  • Training Session Wrap-up
    Q & A

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