Employee Training Needs

For employees who have no supervisory responsibilities. Our program is a positive, skill building, educational investment. We go beyond the legal and help your employee gain the insights they need to improve performance. Our One-on-One Sensitivity Training is personalized and intensive training/coaching that will assist in addressing inappropriate behaviours whether they are the result of bullying/harassment, sexual harassment, anger management, etc.

For those employees who have supervisory duties and responsibilities. Supervisors are the first level in the workplace who are entrusted to ensure company rules and policies are applied and followed. They have a responsibility to make sure the workplace is safe, civil, and respectful. There are times in every workplace where problems occur between supervisors and employees they are responsible for supervising. This is inevitable. Our One-on-One Sensitivity Training Sessions are created to correct any inappropriate conduct and to provide skills and tools which will assist in ensuring supervisors are using their authority in a professional, compliant and respectful manner.

Supervisor Training Needs

Manager Training Needs

In today’s workplace, there are higher expectations placed on managers than ever before. Managers must have a thorough understanding of all current legislation which impacts the workplace. From time to time, managers may find themselves in a position of having to justify their actions, or non-actions pertaining to their managerial style, or how they interact with staff. Unfortunately, these situations are usually negative in nature.

Our One-on-One Sensitivity Training Session for Managers provides a comprehensive review and understanding of all current legislation affecting the workplace. Additionally, our sessions assist managers in looking at their own management style, where it can be improved, and provide resources to ensure the negative situations are reduced. We assist managers in finding ways to better understand what is acceptable conduct in the workplace. Managers need to role model respectful behaviour for all employees to follow. Our training sessions will increase the opportunity to do just that.

More than ever before, Board Members are held to a higher degree of accountability. All Board Members share a responsibility for properly protecting the organization. This also includes ensuring the workplace they are responsible for is safe, and that all their employees are treated respectfully. Board Members are responsible for ensuring there are current and compliant policies and procedures in place providing such protection. However, it is common in today’s workplace, even those who have an oversight role within an organization, to find themselves in a situation which may cause embarrassment for the organization as a whole, and for themselves.

Our One-on-One Sensitivity Training Sessions can assist Boards and/or individual Directors by demonstrating why the circumstances may cause embarrassment, how to correct the situation in a compassionate and responsible manner, and how to move forward successfully.

Board of Directors Training Needs